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  • Date Of Starting: JUL.23,1996,We have passed the auditing of ISO9001:2015 version QMS in DEC.3,2021.We have more than 20 years of expertise in industrial-grade Membrane Switch, design and production technology, and use our wealth of printing knowledge and experience to produce Membrane Switch, including overlay printing and circuit layout, film molding, metal dome or Poly dome, and through hole printed circuit… and other products.
  • For Membrane Switch , we provide include stable assembly of LEDs, resistors, photoreceptors and other components, as well as different requirements for waterproof, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, shock-resistant, backlight, electrostatic protection, electric wave and high-frequency interference and other protective designs.
  • We are also good at solving client-side product related issues and determining the perfection of product functions is our important service orientation. The reputation of customers is the reputation of FERLO Technology.

Corporate Culture

  • After-service:We attach importance to product quality and insist on the completeness of product functionality to our client.
  • Customized :According to customer needs, custom-made products for our client.
  • Technical:FERLO in addition to the product stability being more precise, sensitive and demanding than other manufacturers, we also good at solving problems such as client product assembly.
  • Facilities:Fully automated machine equipment meets customer needs in order to meet the time-saving, labor-saving and labor-saving standards.
  • Management:According to ourquality management, rationalize and refine the production process, quality control process and customer feedback system.
  • Quality Assurance:Design more cost-effective, high-quality and high-reliability products, and achieve rapid production and rapid transfer with flexible production control to meet customer needs.
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Products Line

Conductive Rubber keypad is one of many electronic product keypad. Its main function is to achieve conductive buttons through conductive glue. When the conductive rubber button is pressed down, the conductive rubber of the button can be electrically connected with the contact below. When the silicone rubber button is released, the conductive rubber under the button springs up and will not communicate with the connection below. The conductive material of the conductive rubber key is a black conductive adhesive. When this conductive adhesive is added with a conductive filler, the conductive effect can be realized. Conductive rubber buttons need to consider the diameter, length, width and height of the rubber product, key stroke, pressing force requirements, product hardness, color, conductivity and other requirements.


Declaration of Minerals Conflict-Free

  • RBA pointed out that some metal minerals have become the main source of income for the armed rebel groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. They are used to trade arms, continue their bloody conflict with the government, and ravage local civilians, thus triggering national controversy. As citizens of the world, we declare and promise not to accept the use of conflict minerals from Congo and its surroundings and regions, fulfill our social and environmental responsibilities, and promise:

  • Ferlotech – We does not accept the use of conflict minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo and its surrounding areas. • Suppliers are required to trace the sources of tin (Sn), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), and gold (Au) contained in all parts to ensure that these metals do not come from “conflict mining areas.”

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Address : No.4, Alley41, Lane116, Jyuhn-Ying Street, Shuline Dist, New Taipei City,Taiwan.

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